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Program Rules & Rewards

Top Hand Rewards

The Top Hand Club has some new reigns and introduces a new, customizable rewards structure for our dedicated club members. For each new NCBA member you recruit, you will receive 5 points. At the end of the club year, spend the points the way you want by selecting your preferred items from the updated Top Hand Club prize book!


Rules & Guidelines

1. Top Hand members must have a personal NCBA membership—cannot be an Affiliate Organization membership.

2. Recruiters whose NCBA memberships have dropped on or before September 30 of the qualifying year will not be eligible for Top Hand Club awards.

3. All applications received from a new member that list a recruiter will stand as final.

4. If a recruiter was not listed on the application, a recruiter can be added up to 30 days after the recruited member’s join date. No recruiters will be added after September 30 of the qualifying year.

5. Recruiters may receive credit for a member that they have recruited in previous years only if that member rejoined 12 or more months after their official membership drop date. Please encourage recruits to renew their memberships. 

6. In order for a recruiter to receive credit for a member who joins via a direct mail campaign application, the recruiter’s name must be listed on that application upon arrival at the NCBA office. Recruiters may not be assigned to direct mail applications that have been returned to state affiliate offices.

7. The Top Hand update reports will be compiled once monthly and will be posted on on the Top Hand page.